We have several unique recipes

MUSTARD SAUCE:a blend of mustard, black pepper, and cider vinegar. This one goes best with pulled pork and any style of pork ribs.

EAST NORTH CAROLINA FINISHING SAUCE:cider vinegar, ketchup, and some family kept secrets. This sauce always goes on our pulled pork before it hits the customer's mouth.

BBQ SAUCE:ketchup based sauce, mixed with brown sugar, molasses, and cider vinegar. This sauce is your "put it on anything you want bbq sauce" sauce. We like to put it on our sweet tea chicken and Maker's Mark portobello mushroom.

HABANERO SAUCE:a well balanced spicy and flavorful hot sauce. We use it to add some fire to our honey habanero chicken wings.

CATHEAD'S CATSUP:a housemade ketchup with fennel, onions, and spices. This spice goes really well with our pulled lamb shoulder.

PEPPER VINEGAR:a blend of fresh hot chiles and cider vinegar, used to season our greens and pinto bean chowder.