How Many Slices of Turkey is 2 oz? Every Slice on the Scale

January 13, 2023

Have you been wondering how many slices of turkey is 2 oz? While there is no straightforward answer, my practical experience from many years of preparing turkey meats proves that you will typically get 3 thin slices from two ounces of turkey.

I’ll be answering each of your burning questions regarding turkey sizing and show you how I measure the slices. 

how many slices of turkey is 2 oz

How Many Slices of Turkey is 2 Oz?

Typically, a thick slice of turkey or 3 thin slices is around 2 ounces.

It’s difficult to answer precisely because the size and thickness of the turkey slices can vary. 

From my professional experience, two ounces of sliced turkey equals about 2 or 3 thin slices or 1 or 2 thicker slices. 

Here are a few additional tips on the weight of turkey slices as well as on slicing turkey to get a precise measurement and a good texture:

  • If you are slicing a whole cooked turkey, it is best to start by removing the breast meat and slicing it against the grain. This will hold the slices together and make it more tender.
  • If you are slicing a deli turkey, it is categorized among processed meats and is usually already cooked and sliced thin. In this case, 2 ounces of turkey is likely to be 2 or 3 slices.
  • If you are slicing a turkey breast that you have cooked yourself, you can control the thickness of the slices by adjusting the thickness of the cuts. A thicker piece will contain more meat, while a thinner portion will contain less.

How to Measure Sliced Turkey?

I recommend measuring sliced turkeys by placing them on a food scale.

I like to measure slices of turkey in different ways. However, I recommend the following:

By Weight

You can use a food scale to weigh the slices. Simply place the slices on the scale and read the weight in ounces or grams.

By Volume

You can also measure the slices by volume, by using a measuring cup or spoon.

For example, you can use a tablespoon to measure a small amount of turkey slice, or a cup to measure a larger amount.

I recommend first chopping the slices to get an accurate weight by volume. 

By the Piece

If you are slicing the turkey yourself, you can count the number of slices and use that as an approximation of the amount of turkey you have.

Regardless of which method you use, it is important to be as accurate as possible when measuring sliced turkey.

This will help you plan your meals and ensure that you have enough turkey for the number of people you are serving.

How Many Slices of Turkey is a Serving Size?

The weight of turkey per serving is typically 3 ounces.

A serving of turkey is typically 3 ounces, which is equivalent to about 3 or 4 thin slices or 2 thicker slices.

However, the actual number of slices you get from a 3-ounce serving size of turkey will depend on the thickness of the slices and the type of turkey you are using.

I suggest the following tips for serving turkey:

  1. If you are serving sliced turkey as part of a meal, 3 ounces per person is a good general guideline. You can adjust the amount up or down depending on the size of the servings you want to serve, as well as the other items you are serving with the turkey.
  2. If you are serving a whole cooked turkey, a good rule of thumb is to plan for about 1 pound of turkey per person. This will typically provide enough turkey for each person to have a 3-ounce serving, with some leftovers.
  3. If you are serving turkey as part of a holiday feast, it is a good idea to have extra on hand to allow for seconds and leftovers.
Turkey Slices with Pan Gravy, Wild Rice , Cranberries and Candy Apple

How Many Oz is a Slice of Deli Meat?

You get about 4 thin slices from 2 ounces of deli meat.

The number of slices of 2 ounces of deli turkey depends on the type of meat and the thickness of the slices.

As this post confirmed, 2 ounces is equivalent to about 4 thinly sliced deli turkey or 2 thicker slices. However, the actual number of slices you get may be more or less, depending on the thickness of the slices and the type of meat you are using.

Here are a few additional tips when buying deli meat:

  1. If you’re purchasing deli turkey that is already sliced, you can ask the person behind the counter to slice it to your desired thickness.
  2. Some deli meats, such as ham or turkey are processed meat and typically sliced thin, while others, such as roast beef or pastrami, are sliced thicker. You can choose the type of meat and the thickness of the slices based on your personal preference.

What’s the Number of Slices You Need to Make Turkey Sandwiches?

On average, you need 2-4 slices of cooked meat for a medium-sized sandwich.

The number of slices you need for a sandwich will depend on the size of the slices and the size of the sandwich you are making.

The following details the number of slices I use to make sandwiches:

  • For a small sandwich, I usually use one to two slices of smoked or roasted turkey.
  • For a medium sandwich, I usually use 2-4 slices of smoked or roasted turkey.
  • For a large sandwich, I usually use 4-6 slices of smoked or roasted turkey.

Ultimately, the number of slices you use will depend on your personal preference and the size of the bread you are using.

If you’re using thin slices of cooked meat, you may need to use more slices to get the desired amount of protein.

If you are using thick slices, you may be able to use fewer slices to get the same amount of protein.

Smoked Turkey Sandwich

Are Deli Turkey Slices Healthy?

Deli turkey slices can be a part of a healthy diet, but it’s essential to consider the overall nutritional value and portion size.

Turkey is a good source of protein and can be a leaner alternative to roast beef. However, it’s worth noting that some standard slice of deli turkey is processed meat and contain added sodium and preservatives.

These additives can increase the sodium content of the meat, which can be a concern for people with high blood pressure or those following a low-sodium diet.

For example, a smoked turkey breast will typically have less sodium compared to a single slice deli turkey. A 2-ounce serving of smoked turkey breast has about 56 mg sodium while the same serving size of deli turkey contains about 466 milligrams of sodium

To make sure you’re choosing a healthy option, consider deli turkey slices that are minimally processed and have no added preservatives.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to portion size and to balance your intake of deli turkey with other nutritious foods, such as vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats.


It’s hard to get a straightforward answer to the question “how many slices of turkey is 2 oz” or “how many ounces is a standard slice of deli turkey”.

However, when cut well, one slice of turkey is around two ounces. If it’s a thin slice, 2-3 pieces can make two ounces.

By Kristy J. Norton
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