We are two professional chefs. We met in culinary school in 2004. We both came from rural backgrounds where the whole garden to table style of eating played a big part in our lives. Our close knit family lifestyle engrained deep-rooted traditions in our minds. So, we got together in early 2008 and formed Cathead's BBQ. Our goal is to keep those deep-rooted traditions, recipes, and ideas from our childhood alive with a fresh twist.

Richard Park

Richard was born and raised in Cleveland, Tennessee, into a family that is deeply rooted in southern traditions. One of those being food. He has many memories of his mamaw making biscuits and gravy after church on Sundays, or going to the many BBQ's and potlucks at his Aunt and Uncles. These are the foundations on which he has based his passion for food.

In December of 1995 Richard moved from Cleveland to the Bay Area to explore life outside of the South. He bought his first BBQ smoker in 2002 with dreams of owning his own business.

After practicing for months and months, Richard decided to take his passion to the next level and enrolled into Culinary school. He yearned for the education that would ready him for his dream.

Upon graduating, Richard has worked in various fine dining, casual restaurants, and catering.

Pamela Schafer

Pam was born and raised in rural Michigan. Every year she helped her family plant gardens with many fruits and vegetables that they preserved for the long cold winters. They also raised animals, including cattle, pigs, and chickens.

As a child, Pam complained about weeding the garden and the chores of taking care of the animals. It wasn’t until later that she realized the passion for food that her childhood had created.

After working in an office for ten years, Pam moved to San Francisco to pursue her dream of becoming a chef. She entered the culinary arts program at California Culinary Academy and began working as a prep cook at Ella’s restaurant. This was her first introduction to working in a restaurant. She was excited to work in energetic, creative kitchens where she could share her passion for food with others and learn more about organic foods, seasonal ingredients, and various cuisines.

Pam later continued her work at San Francisco restaurants, including Acquerello, Incanto, Ducca, and Cane Rosso. At each restaurant she had the opportunity to learn and grow from some of the most prestigious chefs in the city.

From Our Blog

Two year milestone

6 January 2014, 5:29 pm We have hit a milestone. Yesterday officially marks our second year in our restaurant. Besides serving up TONS of brisket we have gained an awesome following. Without our customers we wouldn't be where we are now. From the bottom of our smoky hearts thank you!!!Be on the lookout for our Anniversary party on Jan. 25th. More details are coming.

14 January 2013, 7:39 pm
San Francisco’s Home of the CatHead Biscuit!
January 2013 marks the 1st year anniversary for CatHead’s BBQ. My wife Pam & I remember the first day like it was yesterday. We didn’t know what to expect with being the replacement for Big Nates BBQ. When we opened, we were immediately surprised by the love from our new customers and neighborhood. We knew that we had something special.
To put our year into perspective, we have made over 10,000 CatHead Biscuits, 35,000 mini CatHead Biscuits, 5 tons of Coca-Cola Smoked Brisket and 5100 Slabs of Ribs.
CatHead’s BBQ would like to commemorate this occasion by throwing a customer appreciation party on Saturday January 26th. The event starts at noon and goes till 5pm. We will be giving away sliders and prizes throughout the day. Also, we will be introducing the CatHead’s BBQ Biscuit Challenge, where participants will give it their best to become an official “biscuiteater”. The Challenge starts at 3pm. Come by the restaurant to sign up before the 26th, we only have a few more slots open.  
We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday January 26th.
Thank you,
Pam & Richard Park
CatHead’s BBQ

6 months in and going strong.

17 July 2012, 5:44 pm We are super happy about our progress. We are learning the smokers and getting all our systems in  place. We are going into escrow in a couple of weeks, once that is complete we're going for a beer & wine license. Pam & I are getting married next Sunday and then heading back to Michigan for the week. CatHead's BBQ will be closed on Sunday July 22nd-24th.

CatHead biscuits are catchin' on

17 April 2012, 8:53 pm At first we were worried how folks would take our name. We knew that we would be explaining our name til the cow's came home. After four and a half years of doing our thing, people are catchin' on to CatHead biscuits. Who doesn't like a warm, fluffy, flaky buttery biscuit that's as big as a cat head and is served with some honey butter & pepper jelly??? Since opening in January we have produced nearly 1500 CatHead biscuits and over 9000 mini CatHead biscuits.

Press & Such

The Best BBQ Joints in San Francisco

23 March 2012 — Building buzz for the past few years as a pop-up with stints at Slim's and The Corner, Cathead's has slowly become one of San Francisco's favorite BBQ spots. Now they've made the move to a permanent space in SOMA...

Smoke Show: Barbecue in the California tradition

06 March 2012 — California has always provided safe haven for iconoclasts. This is good news for Pamela Schafer and Richard Park, chef-proprietors of Cathead's BBQ, because Cathead's menu draws liberally from regional barbecue traditions the country over...

Cathead's BBQ: Smoky Brisket and Stellar Sides

27 January 2012 — After three weeks in action as a brick-and-mortar operation, former pop-up favorite Cathead's BBQ is settling nicely into the old Big Nate's space. Shortly after an inaugural visit, SFoodie was magnetically drawn back, with nothing but brisket on the brain...

SoMa BBQ Change-Up: CatHead's Moves into Big Nate's

27 December 2011 — A little over a year ago, the team behind Solstice and Fly Bar embarked on a big makeover of SoMa bbq dinosaur Big Nate's. Now they've decided to pass the bbq torch to their former competitors at CatHeads BBQ...

Big Nate’s BBQ Shutters; CatHead’s BBQ Moving In

27 December 2011 — San Francisco may have seen a boom in new barbecue in 2011 (see also Sneaky's, Southpaw, Tupelo, and Cedar Hill to name a few), and that only encouraged CatHead's to snap up Nate's turnkey operation after being approached by the owners...

Roundup: The Best New Barbecue in the Bay

30 March 2011 — Barbecue was never meant to be convenient. Special-event pits, out-of-the-way shacks, waxed-paper plates and stained shirts — all signs of the glory of Southern barbecue, the experts like to tell us...

Best BBQ in San Francisco?

21 February 2011 — We've had it twice so far, and it's just about the best we've had. $15 gets you a large portion of tasty BBQ w/ 2 sides (go for the greens and mac and cheese). The first night we ordered the chicken and both loved it...
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