Cathead's BBQ

We are quite versed in the fine art of grilling and BBQ'ing. We use the whole gambit of necessary tools including charcoal, propane, electricity, and many different hard woods to cook and flavor our food.

Our signature item is our Slow Smoked Pulled Pork. We start by rubbing down a pork shoulder with CatHead's BBQ Rub and Makers Mark Bourbon. We let that sit for a period and then we smoke it slow for up to 12 hours. By the time it comes out you can barely hold it together.

To entice the vegetarians we take a Portobello mushroom through the same process as the pork shoulders, but grill it instead of smoking it. This makes the vegetarians powerful happy.

Another one of our specialties is to brine chicken, turkey, or pork in Sweet Tea. It keeps the meat nice and juicy. It's awesome.

A new addition to our menu is a Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno stuffed with Dried Fruit and Cream Cheese. These things go out the door faster than we can make them.

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