Cathead's BBQ
Catheads BBQ

We are three professional chefs who met in Culinary School in 2004. We all came from rural backgrounds(No. California, Michigan & Tennessee), where the whole garden to table style of eating played a big part of our lives. Our close knit family lifestyle engrained deep-rooted traditions in our minds. So we got together in early 2008 and formed CatHead's BBQ & Country Cookin'. Our goal is to keep those deep-rooted traditions recipes and ideas from our upbringing alive with a fresh twist, "Rural Cuisine" if you will.

Pamela Schafer
Pamela Schafer

Born and raised in rural Michigan. Every year I helped my family plant gardens with many fruits and vegetables that they preserved for the long cold winters. They also raised animals, including cattle, pigs, and chickens. As a child, I complained about weeding the garden and the chores of taking care of the animals. It wasn’t until later that I realized the passion for food that my childhood had created.

After working in an office for ten years, I moved to San Francisco to pursue my dream of becoming a chef. I entered the culinary arts program at California Culinary Academy and began working as a prep cook at Ella’s restaurant. This was my first introduction to working in a restaurant. I was excited to work in energetic, creative kitchens where I could share my passion for food with others and learn more about organic foods, seasonal ingredients, and various cuisines.

I have continued my work at San Francisco restaurants, including Acquerello, Incanto, Ducca, and Cane Rosso. At each restaurant, I've had the the opportunity to learn and grow from some of the most prestigious chefs in the city.

Greg Kinyon
Greg Kinyon

A native Californian, I spent my time enjoying the outdoors and working in kitchens. Having several different jobs from dishwasher to short order cook, I fell in love with food. I got an opportunity to move to San Francisco, and jumped at the chance.

After moving to "the city", I took a job with a natural juice company. There I furthered my education in proper food handling, along with learning about sustainable products.

After 10 years with the juice company, I decided to answer my calling and attend culinary school. As part of my education, I went New Orleans. There I worked under Chefs Paul Prodomme and Paul Miller at K-Pauls creole kitchen learning the fine art of cajun and creole cooking.

After returning to San Francisco, I took a job as a corporate chef. I was able to hone my skills in running catered events for up to 1000 people.

Richard Park
Richard Parks

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Tennessee, into a family that is deeply rooted in southern traditions. One of those being food. Memories of my mamaw making biscuits and gravy after church on Sundays, to the ever so often bar-b-qs and potlucks at my Aunt and Uncles. These were the foundations on which I base my passion for food.

I moved from Cleveland to the Bay Area in December of 1995 to explore life outside of the South. I bought my first BBQ smoker in 2002 with dreams of owning my own business. After practicing for months and months, I decided to take my passion to another level and enrolled into Culinary school. I yearned for the education that would ready me for my dream. Upon graduating, I worked in fine dining, casual restaurants, and catering.

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