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1665 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA
(btw 12th & 13th St)


Phone: (415) 861-4242


We deliver in SF using in-house drivers and on demand delivery services. We deliver all over the Bay Area for pre-planned events. Give us a call to find out more information.

Good Ol’ Country Cookin’ with BBQ

We are CatHead's BBQ. We do not claim any specific regional style, we just do some good ol’ country cookin’ with BBQ. Taking Regional American recipes that are getting lost and reviving them in our own way with two old school brick BBQ pits and the seasonality that San Francisco offers us.

We like to think that our food & hospitality is an extension from our own home. Our customers and staff are part of our family.

Our specialties include CatHead Biscuits, Coca-Cola Smoked Brisket, Slow Smoked Pulled Pork & Sweet Tea BBQ Chicken. Don’t eat meat? We gotcha covered with our Maker’s Mark Portobello among other vegetarian dishes.

What are CatHead Biscuits?

A cathead biscuit is an Appalachian favorite born of humble beginnings. It was never anything fancy, just a buttermilk biscuit with a few simple ingredients.
What makes our CatHead Biscuit so special? It's that very first bite fresh out of the oven, from the crispy crust to the soft and buttery warm inside. Served with honey butter and pepper jelly, you know you are in for a real treat!
CatHead Biscuit’s are enjoyed with almost every meal. It can easily become a meal in itself.


We have several unique sauces that compliment all of our offerings. We have sauces ranging from the sweet and tangy, put it on everything, BBQ sauce; To the spicy and intense, you only need one drop, habanero hot sauce.


Mustard Sauce

A vinegary blend of mustard and black pepper, this sauce is inspired by a South Carolina style sauce. It goes best with our Slow Smoked Pulled Pork. It has some bite!

East North Carolina Finishing Sauce

Cider vinegar, ketchup, and some family kept secrets. This sauce always goes on our pulled pork before it hits the customer’s mouth.

Habanero Sauce

A well balanced spicy and flavorful hot sauce. We use it to add some fire to our Habanero Slaw.

CatHead’s BBQ Sauce

A “Sweet & Tangy” sauce. This sauce is your “put it on anything you want bbq sauce on” sauce. We like to put it on our Coca-Cola Smoked Brisket & Sweet Tea BBQ Chicken.

CatHead’s Catsup

A house made ketchup with fennel, onions, and spices. This sauce goes really well with our Smoked Lamb Shoulder.

Pepper Vinegar

A blend of fresh hot chiles and cider vinegar, used to season our greens and pinto bean chowder*.

Some of the items mentioned are offered as specials only. Check our daily specials to see if it’s being served up right now!

About us

We met in culinary school in 2004. We both came from rural backgrounds where our closely-knit family lifestyle engrained deep-rooted traditions in us. We got together in early 2008 and formed Cathead's BBQ. In 2012 we took over a San Francisco BBQ landmark, Big Nate’s BBQ and got married later that year. Besides doing what we love to do, our goal is to keep those deep-rooted traditions, recipes, and ideas from our families and youth alive.


Catering for Your Event

Many Tech Start-ups and Financial District Businesses have us cater their weekly meetings along with the multiples of loyal followers we have gained over the years. We have also participated in San Francisco street fairs & festivals. Wineries have hired us to cater their special events. And for those of you getting hitched we take care of weddings too.

Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you with your next event. We will customize our menu to make any of your events a success. Hungry yet? Come'n get some!

Phone: (415) 861-4242

Richard Park

Richard was born and raised in Cleveland, Tennessee, into a family that is deeply rooted in southern traditions, one of those being food. He has many memories of his mamaw making biscuits and gravy after church on Sundays, or going to the many BBQ’s and potlucks at his Aunt and Uncles. These are the foundations on which he has based his passion for food.
In December of 1995 Richard moved from Cleveland to the Bay Area to explore life outside of the South. He bought his first BBQ smoker in 2002 with dreams of owning his own business.
After practicing for months and months, Richard decided to take his passion to the next level and enrolled into Culinary school. He yearned for the education that would ready him for his dream.
Upon graduating, Richard has worked in various fine dining, casual restaurants, and catering.
Richard participated in the Food Network’s show “Chopped”. His episode was called “Grilltastic”.

Pamela Schafer

Pam was born and raised in rural Michigan. Year after year she helped her family plant gardens with many fruits and vegetables that they preserved for the winters. They also raised animals, including cattle, pigs, and chickens. This lifestyle inspired her to pursue her dream of becoming a chef.
In 2004, after working in state government for ten years, Pam moved to San Francisco and entered a culinary arts program. She began working as a prep cook at Ella’s restaurant. She was excited to work in energetic, creative kitchens where she could share her passion for food with others and learn more about organic foods and seasonal ingredients.
Pam later continued her work at San Francisco restaurants, including Acquerello, Incanto, Ducca, and Cane Rosso. At each restaurant she had the opportunity to learn and grow from some of the most prestigious chefs in the city.


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